Buckler BBZ8000 - Mens Wellington Wellies - Safety S5 Waterproof Composite Toe

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We always knew that BBZ6000 would be a hard act to follow but we also knew that by continually researching and developing new ideas we could produce an even better product. One with immense visual impact and bristling with innovation. One which would pick up on the amazing success of BBZ6000 and take the EN S5 neoprene/rubber safety boot concept which we pioneered in 2008 on to new horizons.

BBZ8000 uses a completely different assembly process from its older brother, BBZ6000 plus a host of new safety features and lightweight components. In addition it's 360º reflective, non-metallic and has built in EN certified ankle impact protection (AN) and Achilles support.
BBZ8000 features a super lightweight nano safety toecap, a lightweight anti-penetration midsole and a weight saving sole bonding process. It's comparable in weight to its moulded polyurethane competitors and just like its older brother it fits like a glove, not like a tube.

Lightweight toe and midsole protection components
5mm Neoprene with rubber protection
Hi-viz colour contrast
Reflective enhancement to give 360º presence and upwards of 150m visibility
Aerospencer breathable high visibility lining
Ankle impact protection
Achilles ankle support
Completely metal free
Kick-off heel spur
Detachable washable insole

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