GriSport Excavator - Mens Pull On Work Boot - Safety Steel Toe/Midsole

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The Boot has an excellent sole, with many different key features added to it to make it a great hard wearing one. It is complete with a grease resistant, self-cleaning, heatproof sole. The design of the sole will, therefore, enable you to comfortably walk in the workplace without slipping. The sole is also shockproof and anti-slip as the grease resistant sole will help prevent instability on a slippery surface. It is also resistant to 300oC heat underfoot, to help prevent injury on the sole.

Safety Level: S3-HRO-HI
Waxed Leather Breathable Upper
Grease Resistant, Self-Ceaning, Heat Proof Sole
Shock Proof, Anti-Slip Sole
Steel Toe Cap
Anti-Perforation Steel Mid Sole
Water Resistant For One Hour
Weight: 1520g
Made In Italy

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