GriSport Expert - Mens Work Boots - S3 Safety Composite Toe/Midsole

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This Grisport Expert Safety Boot may look like an average hiking boot, however, it is packed full of all our expert Grisport safety features. This is an incredibly lightweight safety boot that enables you to manoeuvre with confidence in the knowledge you can work and stay protected at the same time. As the boot is designed to be lightweight, that does not mean the safety of the shoe has been compromised in anyway. Further, this shoe is water-resistant for fully weather protection. The composite lightweight toe-cap of the boot and midsole ensure your foot is fully protected. Our patented support system is the very best on the market - you will not find a level of protection like it elsewhere.

As the Expert Safety Boot is S3 safety level, the boot gives you a full range of features including 200J composite toe cap, fully protected heel, anti-static sole, energy absorbing heel, water resistance, puncture resistant sole, sole resistant to hydrocarbons. It also gives SRA slip resistance on ceramic floors, with lubricant, water & detergent, plus SRB resistant on a steel floor with Glycerine Lubricant. This is due to the total grip, oil resistant rubber sole.

Aesthetically, the Grisport Expert Safety Boot is finished with a brown leather outer material and vibrant orange accents. This is a slick and non-offensive design for any work environment.

-S3 SRC Safety Level
-Made in Italy
-Composite Lightweight Toe-Cap
-Puncture resistant sole
-Flexible 'Kevlar' style anti-perforation mid-sole
-Total Grip, Oil Resistant Rubber Sole
-Patented Support System

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