GriSport Loader - Mens Black Vibram Dealer Work Boots - Composite Toe/Midsole

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The Loader is a new safety boot to our range packed with safety features this boot has a classic appearance of a chelsea or riding boot making it wearable in any work environment. The anti slip and perforation resistant sole gives the wearer piece of mind walking in the workplace.

-Upper Made From Waxed Breathable Leather
-Lining: Waterproof, Tear And Puncture Spotex And Cordura Lined
-Heel And Sole: Shock Proof, Anti Slip And Perforation Resistant Vibram Sole
-Fastenings: Elasticated Gussets
-Main Features: Lightweight Composite Toe Cap With Anti Scuff Cover
-Safety Level: S3 - SRC
-Weight: 1280 g
-Made In Italy

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